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Short Form Commercials

Any number of companies can produce a television commercial.  A select few companies create high-impact, direct response TV commercials that typically pay for themselves many times over – generating immediate sales and revenues, period! 

That's what FMS Direct does.

Over the years FMS direct response commercials and infomercials have generated literally billions of dollars in sales for our clients.  With more than twenty years experience in the art and science of direct response marketing – FMS Direct understands the emotional buying triggers that cause people to take positive action! In fact, FMS Direct President Rodney H. Buchser wrote the book considered by many to be the definitive book on direct response advertising.  "Call Now, 1-800…Highway to the Electronic Goldmine".

Typically, a direct response (short-form) TV commercial is a 60, 90, or 120 second spot designed to generate an immediate response from the primary target audience for a product or service.  DRTV short-form commercials deliver many powerful benefits:

  • DRTV "Sells" and Generates Immediate Cash Flow.  Unlike institutional or "image" advertising, DRTV provides a real, measurable return on investment – and because DRTV uses a direct response device (either a toll-free number or a website), the impact of a DRTV commercial is known almost instantaneously.  This minimizes risk and maximizes profits!
  • DRTV Is Flexible.  The flexibility of producing short form direct response commercials allows for on-going testing, measuring, and adjusting virtually every facet of the direct response campaign – from the media, to the selling message, to the offer. 
  • DRTV Is Cost-Efficient. DRTV commercials are produced for one-third to one-half the cost of an institutional image spot.  Clients can save even more money by producing multiple spots at the same time.
  • DRTV is Direct Sales.  DRTV gets your product or service directly into the hands and homes of consumers, by-passing the middle-man and several steps of the standard retail marketing process.
  • DRTV Boosts All Other Marketing.  DRTV, though designed to generate immediate sales, will also generate brand-name awareness that helps increase the profitability of virtually all other marketing channels for your product, including retail and online sales. 
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