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The Infomercial

Since 1983, FMS Direct has created and produced over 2000 (short-form) television commercials and more than 250 (long-form) Infomercials with re-markable results: FMS Direct has generated billions of dollars in sales revenues for a client list that includes: Charles Schwab and Co., Monex Precious Metals, Experian, Dow Jones & Co., Guthy-Renker Corporation, Holiday Spas, Investor's Daily, Pac-Tel Cellular, SyberVision, American Express, Edgar Morris, Inc., Medicus Formulas, Inc. (BioSlim), and Kemper Financial Services, and many others.

FMS Founder and President Rodney H. Buchser is widely regarded as the Dean of Infomercials, and authored the book, “Call Now, 1-800…Highway to the Electronic Goldmine!”

As an advertising vehicle, the infomercial offers several distinct advantages over other forms of media:

  • Infomercials longer program format enables a more in-depth sales presentation, providing more time for benefits, features, selling propositions, emotional buying triggers, and multiple call-to-actions.
  • Infomercials, unlike DRTV short-form commercials, control the programming environment, so companies can showcase their product or service in the best possible setting. This enhances the opportunity for companies to develop an emotional relationship with the widest possible audience.
  • Infomercials can be utilized in non-broadcast environments as powerful sales and marketing vehicles. The infomercial provides a 28 minute, 30 second opportunity to tell a most persuasive story.
  • Infomercials create name-brand awareness and product recognition that are keys to driving strong retail sales.
  • Infomercials, like DRTV spots, are cost-efficient, measurable, produce immediate results, and sales revenue.
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