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DVD Direct Videos

FMS Direct also produces DVD Direct Videos for its clients.  These are typically customized electronic sales presentations that are fast becoming one of the most powerful and convincing tools to generate sales and revenues for clients.

If you had the opportunity to make an high-impact presentation for your product or service, what would you do, what would you say, what would you show?  With the DVD Direct Video, this is exactly the opportunity you have.  When FMS Direct produces a DVD Direct Video for clients, viewers only have to watch it once, and they are highly motivated to take action.

  • Direct Videos are compelling electronic sales presentations that deliver a powerful message– carefully leading your prospects, step-by-step, down the path leading to a new customer.  
  • Direct Videos can be produced in a variety of successful formats – from basic one-on-interviews to full-scale news-magazine style programs, complete with professional hosts, reporters, high-production quality graphics, and thematic music, ala "Sixty Minutes", "20/20" or "Dateline NBC".
  • Direct Videos can be utilized powerfully as follow-up fulfillment pieces for DRTV short-form commercials – as the irresistible FREE "offer" that viewers respond to.  In this way, the Direct Video can greatly increase the response rate and profitability for television or other direct response campaigns.
  • Direct Videos, through streaming video, can also be leveraged as powerful sales and marketing vehicles on the Internet.
  • Direct Video is like a traveling master salesperson working for your company 24 hours a day.  In this way, the company controls the message and its effectiveness – delivering your message just the way . 
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