Direct Response Radio

FMS Direct also provides its clients with full radio commercial production capabilities. 

From spot concept to completion, we offer a comprehensive level of services including: commercial concept and development, scriptwriting, voiceover talent, studio recording and editing facilities, studio musicians and/or thematic beds, and full professional sound effects library.

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Speed of Light

Direct Response Radio offers several key sales-generating benefitsDR spots are:

  • Narrowly targeted to hit the mark with your ideal demographic.  This is especially true when spots run in concentrated chunks, and delivered repeatedly to your target audience.
  • Produced and on the air quickly, and considerably less expensive than television commercials.
  • Produced to generate immediate, measurable results.  Through instant feedback and analysis, clients have the opportunity to maximize profits by testing alternative messaging, offers, spot frequency, and station mix.
  • Can generate powerful sales through a highly personal advertising medium.  Often, station personalities have a built-in, strong rapport with listeners.  When these personalities deliver a commercial for your product or service, listeners respond.  This offers the powerful advantage of a single testimonial, or an implied endorsement.
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