After having produced countless numbers of advertising campaigns, I have discovered that there is a definite learning curve for my clients. They are in need of a great deal of information, which isn’t readily available in one source.  My purpose in this book is to bring you up to speed by offering a ‘one-stop-shopping’ guide to the Electronic Goldmine. While the vast majority of what you’ll read in this book specifically deals with the Infomercial and Direct Response Television advertising – the principles that are described in detail apply to virtually every form of electronic advertising, including the Internet, Radio, Direct Videos and much more.

There is a revolution taking place in the world of advertising. At an astounding rate, evolutionary changes are happening in the development of marketing vehicles and the media through which they deliver their messages.  Electronic Direct Response Marketing is the ideal super charged delivery system for selling along this new Information Super Highway:  Direct Response Television Advertising (DRTV) and Direct Internet Marketing (Rich Media E-Mail, streaming video, embedded video and flash) are all changing advertising and marketing as we know of it. Why?  They are powerful advertising strategies that work.  They are accountable, measurable, highly targeted, flexible, cost-efficient and provide immediate results. In many cases, they are even supplanting the traditional and conventional methods of marketing.  Why?  They work!
I’ve used DRTV and the Infomercial as the primary marketing and promotional tool to help launch many start-up companies. -- several organizations were generating over one hundred million dollars in annual sales within the first few years.  Perhaps equally important is the fact that clients become household names to their primary target audience during this same short period of time.  What other form of advertising or marketing can do that?  None!

In this document, I intend to share with you the following:  describe and illustrate various marketing techniques, strategies and “secrets” which have benefited me in serving my own clients over the last two decades. I will show you why you must have—and how to create—a comprehensive marketing plan, cash flow analysis and financial projections, and how to establish an alliance with direct marketing experts, including talented producers, writers, directors and media buyers.  The “Basics of Selling”, the “Six Principles of Instant Influence” and “Persuasive and Compelling Copy” will guide you toward making the optimum presentation for your product or service, using DRTV.  You’ll discover the key selling elements that are essential to a successful DRTV and Infomercial campaign, the tactics needed and how best to express them.  You’ll learn the risks and the potential for success in this market.

Through my own Product and Marketing Analysis tool, you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of a product marketed specifically via direct response television.  Elements such as adequate financing, creative copywriting, telemarketing, media buying, upsells, after-market (back end) foreign sales, mass merchandising, and so much more, will also be discussed.

For those of you already in the direct marketing or advertising business, this book can be a valuable brush-up course for what you may already know, while offering you some new and beneficial ideas, insights, and advice which will increase the advertising effectiveness of your business or that of your clients. Advertising is an investment.  I want your advertising dollar to be used in the most informed and intelligent manner possible.  This means giving you the most comprehensive information I can to help you avoid the pitfalls and foolish risks, and instead, to make an investment that reap the returns for which you’ve always dreamed.

Although many of these tips and guidelines are normally reserved for my clients only, and although some of my colleagues have tried to discourage me from sharing this information, I decided to share all that I know in order to provide the greatest opportunity to the maximum number of people.  I’ve always believed in the Give and Gain Principle, perhaps best defined by author and motivational expert, Zig Ziglar, when he said, “You’ll get everything you want out of life, if you just help enough other folks get what they want.”

Therefore let’s begin…

“Call Now 1-800 -  How to Profit from Direct Response Television Advertising”  Copyright 2006  Rodney H. Buchser

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