“Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.”
—Thomas Edison

DRTV Mega-Hits aren’t made, they’re marketed, via Integrated Marketing. Growing, profitable businesses don’t just happen. They are the result of combining an outstanding product or service with a well-conceived, well-executed marketing plan. Successful Direct Response Marketing depends on this single, primary principle:

Maximizing profits while minimizing risk.

To do this you should take full advantage of integrated marketing campaigns – allowing you to market products and services via multiple marketing channels, each with their own revenue stream. The Integrated Marketing approach might best be visualized as a wheel, with your product and service as the hub, and multiple marketing strategies as the spokes.

Cross promotion is the heart and soul of all successful Integrated Marketing strategies. No one understands the importance or value of cross promotion in the development of a mega-hit better than giants of the entertainment industry like Disney or Universal.  Cross promotional tie-ins are the name of the game.  Go to any fast food restaurant and you’re served up movie promotions right along with your burgers, fries, and soft drink.  Blockbuster entertainment sensations like Jurassic Park and The Lion King rode the cross promotional mega-marketing vehicle to hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket and merchandising sales.

We all know the DRTV product success stories.  The multi-million dollar winners in exercise equipment, cosmetics, health aids, home and kitchen appliances, motivational programs, financial products and others.  Every one of these million dollar club members have one thing in common:    In each case their DRTV campaigns were part of a carefully designed and conducted cross-promotional mega marketing/Integrated Marketing strategy.

Timing is everything.  Success is in the details.  Integrated Marketing requires extensive planning and preparation.  Each of the individual marketing mini plans is design to fit into an overall total marketing scheme.  All of the marketing strategies work together, and support each other.  The timing of the launch of one phase and the extent of its run is dependent on the level of success of one or more phases that precede it. 

FMS has been involved in the creation of a number of Integrated Marketing Action Plans where the Infomercial and DRTV campaigns generated multi-million dollar sales.   But their greatest effect was in helping to drive all the other revenue streams, additional spokes of the Mega Marketing wheel. In some cases the exceptional profits realized by the Infomercial and DRTV campaigns accounted for only twenty percent of the actual total profits.  Eight out of ten dollars were generated by the additional spokes of the Integrated Mega Marketing wheel.   


Mega Marketing through the Integrated Marketing approach is a fluid, ever evolving process.   By integrating and cross promoting these various marketing strategies, the results multiply exponentially.  


The Integrated Marketing Approach


Here is a listing of sixteen Integrated Marketing strategies. Please note, they are not necessarily listed in order of importance. Mega Marketing systems do not follow a linear progression.  Some strategies are phased in while others are phasing out.  One or more strategies might begin at the same time.  The key is testing and tracking results, reforming plans, redesigning delivery systems, revising and refining key selling messages - everything moving in sync with the overall goal of maximizing profits while minimizing risk.

DRTV Spots

This short form direct response advertising campaign tests the waters. One to two minute commercials that help guide the overall electronic media buy.


The program length direct response advertisement is a potent and essential component of nearly all Integrated Marketing Action Plans.  Its ability to deliver an in-depth sales presentation to the primary target audience serves multiple purposes.  It generate immediate sales revenues.  It can create a self-funding media campaign.  It often become a primary capital source for launching one or more additional phases of the mega marketing action plan.  It establishes national product identity and public awareness.  It is a key spoke in the wheel that often leads to a successful retail sales campaign.

Home Shopping Channels

Successful mega marketing action plans include the placement of the product or service on one or more of the cable networks or satellite programming services.  The power of Home Shopping Channels is well established.  Electronic discount retailing generates tremendous revenues and paves the way to numerous additional revenue sources.  This multi-billion dollar a year enterprise is currently dominated by two giants, QVC and Home Shopping Channel. 

Retail Sales

As Seen On TV drives retail sales.  DRTV spots, Infomercials, an Internet presence, Home Shopping exposure are all key factors in the successful launch of any wide spread retail distribution campaign.  But it is in this mass merchandising venue that the greatest profit potential of all remains.  It is possible for an infomercial campaign to be a success – even if the majority of its impact comes from opening the doors to national chain stores and retail distribution.

Mail Order Catalogs

The mail order catalog business has exploded.  Product placement in catalogs along with the “As Seen On TV” exposure are significant revenue sources that can be economically exploited.

Public Relations

You can’t buy this kind of exposure.  Media coverage through newspapers, radio and television that positions your product or service as “newsworthy” is the most valuable form of media exposure there is.  Websites, electronic press kits, press releases, media events, are among the many instruments used to generate the all-important public relations.   How important is public relations?   Suzanne Somers used public relations to make the Thigh Master a worldwide household name and generated millions of dollars in sales with no advertising expense.  Richard Simmons works the radio and television talk show circuit with professional expertise.  The resulting increase in sales of his exercise and diet videos is phenomenal.  There is no question that public relations is the most cost effective of all Integrated Marketing strategies if well executed.

Foreign Sales

Foreign Sales is another revenue stream that should not be overlooked by companies.  Through the internet and satellite distribution especially, Foreign sales can make campaigns all the more profitable

Direct Print & Direct Mail

Print advertising in newspapers, periodicals, journals, classifieds, mass mailing offerings and other print inducements that include a call to action are an integral part of effective electronic media DRTV campaigns.  These print campaigns often use very specific mailing lists to pinpoint the most likely to purchase target audience.  The narrowly targeted information available today through sophisticated data mining technology is staggering.

Credit Card Syndication

Inserting collateral advertising literature in the bills of major credit card companies generates revenue, while increasing exposure.  Usually done on a shared revenue basis the credit card syndication distribution network is growing and can be a lucrative strategy in a good Integrated Marketing Action Plan.

Wholesale Clubs

These discount mass merchandising chains (Costco, PACE, Sams Club, etc.) provide outstanding opportunities to capitalize on successful DRTV campaigns.  Product progression from DRTV spots to Infomercials to As Seen On TV displays in these outlets is often the key to multiple millions of dollars in additional sales.     

Private Labeling

Once you have established a successful niche in the marketplace with your product, you may want to further pursue market share by Private Labeling it under a different name.  Why would you do this? To gain additional market share and ward off competitors.

After Market Sales

Tied directly to your DRTV campaigns, after marketing sales programs can generate considerable revenues by turning DRTV leads or inquiries into sales.  Telemarketing professionals who have expertise in after marketing strategy can turn a modestly successful DRTV campaign into a major success.

Internet Marketing

Increasingly, for those companies who know how to leverage the power of the Internet to market products and services, the online environment offers virtually unlimited potential.

Today, the Internet is a critical marketing strategy that can cost-effectively leverage all spokes of the Integrated Marketing Wheel.  That is, it has the potential to bring all elements of the electronic goldmine into one locale – a single web address.  In this way, you can tell one universal and compelling story for your company, product, or service and deliver it to prospects all over the world, instantly via: Printed web pages using high-impact pictures and graphics; Television commercials or select segments through embedded or streaming video; Radio commercials with sound files or links contained on your site; Electronic Sales Presentations via streaming video or flash; Online Newsletters
and Rich-Media email.

Another benefit of Internet Marketing is that prospects often use it to actively search for information about a company or product.  This means they are likely to reach your website in a receptive, open frame of mind.  Greeting them with a clear homepage and well-designed website will bring credibility to you—and add to the bottom line!

Finally, the Internet offers another very important and unique benefit:  It allows you the opportunity to establish an on-going relationship with your customers.  Through permission-based marketing, online surveys and opt-in email programs, you can build a profitable, long-term relationships with customers!   

Direct Video

DVD Direct Videos are typically customized electronic sales presentations that are fast becoming one of the most powerful and convincing tools to generate sales and revenues for clients.

If you had the opportunity to make a high-impact presentation for your product or service, what would you do, what would you say, what would you show?  With the DVD Direct Video, this is exactly the opportunity you have.  FMS Direct produces DVD Direct Video for its clients.  Viewers only have to watch it once, and they are highly motivated to take action.

Direct Videos are compelling electronic sales presentations that deliver a powerful message– carefully leading your prospects, step-by-step, down the path leading to a new customer. Direct Videos can be produced in a variety of successful formats – from basic one-on-interviews to full-scale news-magazine style programs, complete with professional hosts, reporters, high-production quality graphics, and thematic music, ala "Sixty Minutes", "20/20" or "Dateline NBC";  Direct Videos can be utilized powerfully as follow-up fulfillment pieces for DRTV short-form commercials – as the irresistible FREE "offer" that viewers respond to.  In this way, the Direct Video can greatly increase the response rate and profitability for television or other direct response campaigns; Direct Videos, through streaming video, can also be leveraged as powerful sales and marketing vehicles on the Internet. Finally, the DVD Direct Video is like a traveling master salesperson working for your company 24 hours a day.  In this way, the company controls the message and its effectiveness – delivering your message for maximum effectiveness and sales results.


Narrowly targeted radio spots can also be an important spoke of the Integrated Marketing wheel as spots can hit the mark powerfully with your ideal demographic.  This is especially true when spots run with strong reach and frequency – delivered repeatedly to your target audience. Produced and on the air quickly, and considerably less expensive than television commercials, radio can produce immediate, measurable results.  With radio, through instant feedback and analysis, clients have the opportunity to maximize profits by testing alternative messaging, offers, spot frequency, and station mix.

Radio can also generate powerful sales through a highly personal advertising medium.  Often, station personalities have a built-in, strong rapport with listeners.  When these personalities deliver a commercial for your product or service, listeners respond.  This offers the powerful advantage of a single testimonial, or an implied endorsement.

Hispanic  (Multi Language) Marketing

The Spanish speaking market for DRTV is huge and virtually untapped.  The Hispanic buying power is estimated in the billions and growing. Effective Mega-marketing action plans must include Spanish versions of DRTV spots and Infomercials produced specifically for this fast growing population sector.  

Ancillary Marketing

There are numerous other revenue sources and marketing strategies that can be included in a comprehensive Integrated Marketing action plan.  Among these are Data Base Marketing, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Interactive Media, Affinity Marketing, Free Standing Inserts (these fall out of your paper every Sunday as well as out of magazines when they arrive in your home), Franchise Dealerships, Revenue Sharing, Licensing, Coupon Sales, and much more.

Truly, the Integrated Marketing Wheel is the most comprehensive and most cost effective approach to realizing the full potential of your product or service.  The whole idea is to take advantage of every potential revenue stream for your product or service – this is the secret behind discovering the electronic goldmine!

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